When to use tables in web design

Contrary to popular belief, tables are not evil. They are however misunderstood. A common theme amongst newer web designers is to chase the tables down with a pitchfork and burn them, never to seen again. However I’m here to tell you there is another way – learn to use them.

It has pros and cons (a lot of cons) but so does everything else. I’m not condoning the use of tables for general website layout purposes but there at least are two specific times where you’ll want to use them. Put down your pitchfork and get to know the table – data’s best friend.


Films – A look back at 2010

The past year has been an exceptionally good year for films for me. Three films this year have made it into my top films of all time. As a bonus all three’s soundtracks are incredible and really good to listen to. You can listen to the tracks from the films in this playlist on Spotify.


From Christopher Nolan, the director of Memento and The Dark Knight. It’s an incredible story of dreams, theft and guilt. I love this film and it joins my favourite 3 mind-bending films, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko and Fight Club.


Get past a motivational brick wall

I recently got my first article published by another blog. So far I’ve had over 30 positive comments on the article which I’m really pleased about. Below is an extract from the full article. Head over to freelanceswitch.com too read the whole article and let me know what you think in the comments there or on this post.

“If that project your working on is getting on your nerves or just getting you down then stop fretting. Just move onto something else. Yeah you may have set aside time to work on this project or you might have a deadline approaching but if you’re not doing anything then it’s wasted time. Try moving onto a different project and see if that can get you motivated again. Spending an hour on a blog post or a t-shirt design is a good way to get you back in the mood.”



This time every year I go on a one man crusade to take the best Fireworks photo I can. This year I’ve got a small batch of beauties. I’m considering getting some printed up nice and big. I also tried experimenting with some slower shutter speeds and other little tricks I’ve got up my sleeves. The results were.. interesting. I think some of them are great but I’m not sure why. Anyway I thought I’d post a couple from this years expedition to see what people think.

Fireworks 2010


Why I use Google Chrome

I’ve used 3 main browsers over the last 7 years. Safari introduced me to well designed applications that were full of features. Firefox opened my eyes to the extensions and using a browser for more than just browsing. And in the past year I’ve moved onto Google Chrome. Why is this important? Well I would like to share with you why I think Google Chrome is a breath of fresh air in a relatively small stagnant pond of web browsers. The stable public release of Chrome was on 11th December 2008 and as of September 2010, Chrome was the third most widely used browser, with 7.98% of worldwide usage share of web browsers, according to Net Applications. So as you can see, it’s doing a pretty good job of converting users.


Freebies – The Creative Company Email Template

Everyone loves free stuff so here’s a lovely free email template for you to enjoy.

The Creative Company Newsletter is ideal for those companies that want to brighten up their customers/clients day. It comes in 6 colour variations; Blue, Green, Grey, Light-Blue, Orange and Pink and the source files are included so that you can customise the main header and colours yourself. The main header is an image and the font used is League Gothic an open source font created by The League Of Moveable Type. The font is supplied in the download so that you can change the image.